Velcrovision Illustration is Denis Routhier and Denis Routhier is Velcrovision Illustration. (I’ve been calling my fictitious companies Velcrovision this or that since about the early 90s, so it seemed only natural I’d use it here.)

Velcrovision specialises in illustration work, but we’re like to rock out a good graphic design challenge too.


Velcrovision has done work for Jacques Hérivault IT, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Bookstore and Boutique, the Montreal Folk Fest, M for Montreal, Knife For Hire among others.

If you’re interested in hiring Velcrovision Illustration for any or all of your illustration or graphic design needs, hit the contact link up above or email us (well, me) at velcrovisionillustration@gmail.com and we’ll see if we can’t “pencil you in.”



ps Sory about the “pencil you in” pun. We here at Velcrovision love a good pun… though, rest assured, not in your work.